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Di is an inveterate collector of all things, old and new, weird and wonderful. This obsession started early on in life with a collection of chocolate bar wrappers. This lead to . . .

1. A fascination with graphics 2. An appreciation of the power of a brand, and 3. The birth of a chocoholic.

Di now has a different collection, her work. It is a killer collection, and she would love to develop your ideas or business into a brand that others will be fascinated with, buy, use or become loyal fans of and develop a life long addiction to.

Di works with a variety of businesses here in New Zealand and abroad, including design and advertising agencies and often teams up with other talented people – strategists, writers, account directors, web developers, marketing planners – to work on their clients briefs as well as her own. She just so happens to sit next to her illustrator/artist husband – Stephen Fuller, who together make a dynamic duo of creative talent.

If you want people to fall in love with your product or service, you have a sense of fun and are someone who values smart thinking and 2Di4 work, then Di is the person you should team up with to give your project life. Call Di on her DDi and get her started on a new collection with you today.

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