Cake Lingerie

In a very short space of time, Cake Lingerie had become an incredibly successful maternity lingerie brand. Heading into the USA market, they needed to strengthen and re-access their brand. Salted Herring invited Di to work with them to help ‘Cake Lingerie’ elevate their brand identity and photography expression. To start with - Cake gave birth to a new identity, and suite of core material for an upcoming trade-show. Cake Lingerie aims to become the number one maternity lingerie brand in the world, by delivering uncompromising quality and luxury in maternity lingerie. Their Lingerie helps women to embrace their new curves, feel feminine and beautiful everyday. Visual cues from mainstream lingerie brands were the starting point for the new direction. Cheers to Pep, Kate and Ellie, especially Pep - the Creative Director, whose training in typography in the Netherlands, put Di and Stephen to the test with all those curves and swirls!