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Finman - Brand Identity

Finman is one of the largest accounting and management services firms on the Kapiti Coast – located in Paraparaumu. They have been in business for nearly 25 years and were moving to spanking new premises, which was the seed of wanting a change and the realisation of the need of a brand makeover. Armed with a great branding paper developed by Maven who identified that the difference with Finman is that they don’t fit the typical mold of accounting firms. They are a team of 12, a friendly down-to-earth team of genuine, relaxed straight-talking professionals that keep it real with each other and with their clients. They understand their clients’ worlds, talk their language and meet clients at their level. They are team Finman. Real people, real smarts and real business working together. They are the people behind the numbers that are behind the people on the coastal town of Paraparaumu. Fun was had at the beach amongst the waves and the numbers. The receptionist became the ‘Meeter and Greeter’, the accountants’ were the people who ‘Make Sense of the Dollars’. And a creative platform developed around the idea of the straight-talking Finman team working 2gether for their clients, and their businesses on the coast.