Lincoln - Student Recruitment Display

It’s not easy to grab the attention of young people – especially in a crowded and highly competitive environment where everyone is pressed for time and others are doing their level best to persuade students to look their way. Lincoln University needed to more than hold their own – and Ocean Design gave the job of designing an information stand that would recruit, inform, engage and reconnect with potential students, parents/influencers and alumni to Di and writers Mark Di Somma and Glen Puklowski. With upcoming changes to the course structure, this was an opportunity to deliver an ‘Only at Lincoln’ experience that would draw an additional 150 domestic EFT’s and 100 international students to study at Lincoln University over the next year. The concept needed to shift perceptions, especially among city dwellers, and start conversations with potential recruits that the recruitment team could convert into enrolments. It quickly became apparent to the creative team that to succeed, the concept had to be larger than land. It had to be an invitation for delegates to see for themselves just how big the opportunities are. And it was the size and diversity of those career opportunities that inspired the 'Hit the Big time' theme. Interactive icons were developed that truly were larger than life yet constructed in ways that enabled the whole display to be packed flat and quickly set up in different locations. Students could interact with the icons and have their photo taken, share those images on social media and be in to win prizes. iPads at each podium guided students through a simple Q&A after which they could ask to receive more information about the area of study they were interested in. The environment was a huge success – in every sense. Lincoln University had more students sign up in the first 5 hours of the first day than they had in all three days that they had displayed in previous years.