Mark Di Somma – Website & Visual Language

Mark Di Somma is a creative strategist, writer and speaker. He is also a frequent blogger, with his posts appearing on a number of international sites including Branding Strategy Insider and Entrepreneur.

Because of this, and because he also runs a company, he had a number of websites, some of which were now looking past their best. In addition he had a range of presentations and speeches. Mark already had a strong brand identity. What was lacking was a singular brand language that could hold everything together and that could be carried through to all the various touchpoints.

Mark has a bold and enthusiastic personality that is very contagious, energetic and inspiring. His brand mark – the volume scale – that he has used for years is an apt visual that captures this larger-than-life quality. His colour palette already included bright pink, white and black, but now was the time to turn up the volume and develop a visual language that could be used across all his communication touch points in a cost effective way.

The new website, which predominately functioned as a blog, needed to be able to be updated quickly and easily on a daily basis. It would be used to communicate not just Mark’s thinking on brands and branding but also bring his services and resources together in one place. The goal was to provide businesses and agencies with the opportunity to directly engage with him to strategically and creatively resolve their needs.

The site also needed to be flexible enough to add further content pages as more services and resources were developed. Creative imagery that was modern and singular was sourced to help communicate Mark’s ability to make the most complex of problems simple and strong, and also to demonstrate his mix of strategic and creative skills.

Presentations and thought pieces looked to mirror this confident, simple and graphic style.