Oyster Saloon – Live Harvest Identity

As the story goes, “he was a brave man that first ate an oyster.” Bold, and then astonishingly happy - Rachel Taulelei from Yellow Brick Road imagined - as she asked herself “if there was anything more seductive than a freshly shucked oyster? More rewarding than the crunch of a deep-fried oyster? More soothing than velvety chowder finished with a lick of butter?” She soon found out during Visa's Wellington on a Plate, where her food truck style - Oyster Saloon - that the Wellington public thought there was nothing better, as night after night many paid homage to the beguiling bivalve, and were ready to embrace their inner briny to sample New Zealand's best representation of oysters, cooked by Wellington's finest seafood chef. Added to the tale were perfectly chilled Wairarapa wines and the capital’s most irreverent craft brews. Di and Stephen thoroughly enjoyed developing this brand identity with Rachel, injecting a touch of nostalgia, in ode to the original oyster saloons in Marlborough New Zealand. This saloon was the first 'live harvest' food experience many New Zealanders would have had a chance to try, that is if they hadn't sold out before you arrived! You can find The Oyster Saloon on facebook, and discover the food festival or event they will be shucking their oysters at, so you too can try.