Property IQ & – Animation Design

When Property IQ and launched rebranded information-rich websites, Phil Dunstan Brown from Provenance asked Di and her husband illustrator Stephen Fuller to design an animation style for the introductory videos that would work for both brands and communicate to both sites’ audiences. The animation needed to give visitors a sense of excitement about the new website they were on and what it had to offer. It had to be fresh and needed a strong visual thread to help the site feel easy to use. In particular, it needed to reassure customers/consumers that even though this was not the same brand they were used to dealing with for these products or services that they would enjoy the experience and that they would be delivered timely information that they could depend on for critical property decisions. To Check out the animations by Mohawk Media go to;

"Di is a breeze to work with. She's extremely responsive, turning  things around quickly without any fuss. Di understood our complex business requirements quickly, and delivered a modern and engaging visual approach for animations which has since been used in wider advertising. Clever, reliable and no fuss: the perfect design resource really!"