Skinnies – Sungel Packaging

Olly and Martha Van Arts had a new product that would revolutionise the sun cream market. It was Skinnies, a new kiwi product that was unlike any traditional suncream product. Skinnies in fact is a sungel, and is unique in its ingredient mix, that when applied to your skin, it dries in under 2-minutes (no water added) and you only need to apply it once a day! It’s not greasy, it doesn’t leave a white residue and you feel like you aren’t wearing a typical sun cream. Di was aksed to develop the brand (brand mark, voice, packaging, and collateral) for Skinnies based on the kiwi attitude. New Zealanders are crafty, innovative and irreverent. The branding captures this, while communicating Skinnies philosophy of ‘a little goes a long way’. The visually distinct packaging design is all about ease of tube recognition and a marked difference to anything on the market. And because Skinnies is environmentally conscious lot, Skinnies is made right here in NZ, packaging and all! And it goes without saying that the packaging is recyclable and kept to a minimum. Skinnies is made to feel good, work good, and do good. The brand identity needed to deliver on this. So we developed Skinnies own hand typography. It captures the attitude of Skinnies and creates a feeling of the unique ‘a little goes a long way’ product application. Skinnies hits the market with an entirely different proposition, and so too, does the Skinnies team. Their attitude of building a fun, progressive and down-to-earth NZ Company starts with them. With roles from ‘nitty-gritty’, ‘about town’ to ‘swashbuckler’ these business cards are designed to speak both the language of business and pleasure. So gimme some Skinnies and go to