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The Honesty Box - Classic NZ Fruit Cart

A gap in the market was identified for a quality fruit stall to be set up to sell fruit to the CBD of Auckland. 2Di4Design was asked to create a 3 dimensional fruit cart and brand that reflected values of honesty, quality and New Zealand. So The Honesty Box was born, and has come to the city to keep the much loved, country kiwi value alive and not forgotten. The Honesty Box is something we took for granted, but there is the opportunity to treasure it again. It just doesn’t have to be something that us kiwis reminisce about of gone by days. It can be alive and well in Shortland Street Auckland. The brand draws on the whole honesty theme, and a creative platform was developed around honesty and what that means today, and also yesterday. Fun was had in designing and building a road worthy fruit cart that reflects and expresses the brand in a 3 Dimensional space. Proving kiwis can do anything! Check them out at www.thehonestybox.co.nz