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10 Truths About Mainland - Brand Book

Working for the Clemenger group over the years, Di was fortunate enough to be the designer on the Mainland business, working with industry icons, Chris Martin and Hugh Walsh who were the creators of THE Mainland Brand. The project was to introduce the Management of Fonterra to the Mainland brand story in a simple but compelling way..... but in a way that reflected the Mainland brand. A quintessential Mainland book that reinforces the key points that make up the Mainland brand story needed to be designed. 10 Truths about Mainland was the answer. All good stories come from a book, so a book was produced that reflected attributes that are true to the Mainland brand. And took the reader on a journey through 10 honest truths that are key to building the Mainland story. The Mainland brand has been built around stories, stories of Mainland the place, of honesty, integrity, craftsmanship and friendships. All told with a touch of humour and at a pace that reminds us that Good things take time.