ACC - Consequences

The ThinkSafe Annual National Injury Toll was a major initiative for ACC and they wanted to publish the nation’s annual injury and death statistics. Di was the Senior Designer and worked on the safety audit publication each year along with Rod Schofield the Creative Director of Clemenger Design. For the second time the presentation of the statistics at the annual event had to have an impact, but without blood and gore. The fact was, the stats were not improving, and they were telling us that people were not thinking safely in their homes, on the road, at work and on the sports field. We had to be more hard hitting. The book was to be the brutal consequences of what can happen when you have an accident.
A reminder to all if you act in a certain way, you and those around you will pay the consequences of your actions. Bruising colours were used. The reader had to interact with the publication, the act of tearing into a delicate colour representing skin, to reveal underneath a crude visual scar. This enforced to the reader if you don’t think safe, you will pay the consequences of your actions.