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Acc Hearing Loss - Hearing Loss Is No Accident

ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) wanted to create a display at the New Zealand Agricultural Field days to communicate with farmers that hearing loss is a problem within their industry, it can creep up on them without them knowing it, and it is preventable. Bruce Hamilton, the Creative Director at the time, identified that once you have lost your hearing you can’t get it back. Hearing Loss is no accident. Di used the theme of Lost posters to communicate the message that you can lose your hearing on the farm. And created a series of posters that highlighted the danger areas where hearing loss can happen. On the farm by the tractor, using the scrubcutter, by the milking shed etc. Posters were made to be posted within the field day grounds so the message was spread wider than just being at the ACC display sight. The display itself featured a lost poster in the farm environment and the display became used for advertising purposes as well. A simple way to help Hearing loss is the use ear muffs, so ear muffs and a booklet were given out as part of the communication to help enforce some action to be taken.