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ACC - The Indelilble Mark

The ThinkSafe Annual National Injury Toll was a major initiative for ACC and they wanted to publish the nation’s annual injury and death statistics in a compelling way that had impact without being gory. Di was the Senior Designer and worked on the safety audit publication each year along with Rod Schofield the Creative Director of Clemenger Design. The indelible mark - a cross as an icon to represent injury was the simple idea. An injury is something that you have to live with, it leaves a mark, it can’t be changed, whether it’s a bad memory, a physical scar or death. A cross was punched through the whole booklet, including the people in the photography. This symbolised injuries in New Zealand without being overly sensational. Photography was used to show people in the highest risk areas of each category i.e. home, work, road, sport and recreation. Coarse canvas paintings were commissioned to Stephen Fuller to give the impression of thick bandages. Bold use of white, red and black enhance the visual language of life, injury and death.