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Boris Godunov - Invitation

There were many highlights working at Clemenger Design, and one of them was working on the wonderful TOWER invitations for events that TOWER sponsored. Di was asked to concept and design an involving and stimulating invitation for the TOWER sponsored opera "Boris Godunov". Invite key clients especially those that had not attended for some time to a bold and ambitious production that had not been performed in the Southern Hemisphere for over 20 years. Ensure maximum attendance at the gala function. The Russian Doll was the basis of the idea – the traditional way Russian stories and history was documented. The many layers of the doll gave the chance to simplify the complex opera that had many plots within plots, the doll changed expression as it revealed another plot within the story – actively involving the recipient with the invitation. The largest response rate ever of 99%. 75% of those that had not attended for some time attended.