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Goodness - Fashion Identity

Designers Sharlene Clark and Di Fuller were asked to create a new woman’s fashion clothing store that was not afraid to celebrate women, women who like to shop and to self indulge. Hoorary to making shopping a pleasurable experience you feel good about. It’s good to shop. It’s good to be a woman. Hence the name ‘Goodness’. Your purchase is something which is special and unique, and just makes you feel great. We created a heraldic shopping crest to make ‘Goodness’ stand out from all the other armies of clothing label stockist’s. We created a badge of femininity and pride that acknowledges women who know how good it feels to self indulge themselves by shopping. The crown to symbolise that ‘Goodness’ is the Queen of clothing, and makes you feel like a princess. The diamond, every girls best friend which forms the base of a heart created by the flowers, as ‘Goodness’ knows women love to shop!