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Radio New Zealand - We Listen, We Learn, We Grow

Clemenger BBDO had just won the Radio New Zealand Business, and the first cab off the rank was for Di and Bruce (the Creative Director), to tell the story of Radio New Zealand’s year of growth in their up coming Annual Report. Growth of listeners, growth of infrastructure, growth of coverage. Radio New Zealand’s role was far wider than just providing interesting and engaging content for listeners. They are a public broadcaster and have a greater role to play in the development of New Zealanders and the New Zealand identity. We listen, we learn, we grow.... There was certain milestones of growth Radio New Zealand had focused on in the previous year, we used these milestones of growth and reflected them back to the listener. Visually the Radio New Zealand’s listener base was introduced, one that is different to perception in the market place and one that has changed because of the growth the company had gone through. Not only had they grown their business by listening to their needs as a business, they had grown their listeners knowledge, ideas by providing broadcasting content that was authentic to their charter obligations. We focused on highlighting the ears, emphasising the listening aspect. We worked within budgeting restraints, and reproduced the report content out of two spot colours.