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Red Lane - Duty Free Stores

This is an oldie but a goodie! Duty Free Stores were looking to create a new down town (out of Airport) duty free shopping brand that capitalised on the essence of duty free shopping as an extension of the travel experience and to reposition the competitors as just purveyors of luxury goods. Rod Schofield - the Creative Director Of Clemenger Design at the time, came up with the name for the store that set the ball rolling. Red Lane - the path you take when you have purchased something to declare. The idea was to bring the International Airport experience into the inner city. Di used the language of the airport, customs and the duty free shopping experience. This was visually supported with imagery of luxury and fashion goods shown as x-rays. The shopping bag was the ‘branded badge’ that customers wore with pride long beyond their journey. The company had a total sales increase for the period of 98%. And Red Lane was awarded best new business in the Wellington Top Shop Awards.