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The Merdian Way – Internal Communications

Meridian was an advertising client of Clemenger BBDO. While Di was their Senior Designer, they also pitched for the Design business that Di helped them win. The brief for the above project was to communicate ‘The Meridian Values’ visually to help encourage the call centre team to feel motivated, proud and inspired to be an integral part of the
Meridian culture. The idea was to engage staff with the revitalisation of ‘The Meridian Way’ and start to live the values.
So a staff competition was created for staff to interpret one of the values, capture this in a photograph and have some fun! Individuals were supplied with a T-shirt, that had one Meridian Value printed on it that they had to wear in their shot. The competition resulted in a staff screen saver and large canvases of the values were created. Extra to the brief, it was felt important that there was a need to represent the breadth of Meridians business - as a means of setting the compass for positive customer experiences for the core Meridian Values (Pink T-shirts). The call centre walls enhanced the daily working lives of the people who were at the frontline, and the link between Meridian’s values and its customers enforced.