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The Wall – Life Size Paint By Numbers

The Creative Director of the Design Department (Peter Montgomery) at Clemenger BBDO, threw down the challenge to each of his 5 Designers to do something ‘creative’ with a large white blank wall that was in the Design area of the agency. Di at the time was their Senior Designer and sat next to this lovely big white blank canvas, and thought it would be a great idea to do a life size paint by numbers on the wall. That way, it would get everyone in the agency plus clients involved and have some fun at the same time. Like all great ideas, as soon as the Creative Director of the agency (Duster) picked this as the idea to do and got enthusiastically behind it, Stephen Fuller was employed to create the piece of art for the wall, and the idea grew into an online site that agency staff, clients and celebrities were invited to paint the picture, they were photographed and documented and posted on a website dedicated to the piece of art and its progress, it got a celebrity following. Peter made stop motion movies of the progress and posted them on You Tube for followers to watch the wall grow. When finished, it will go on Trade Me to be auctioned online, proceeds going to the Wellington Sculpture Trust. So Art making Art! So Go and have a look on www.watchthiswall.co.nz